I use paint two-and three-dimensionally to create art objects that honor Black, Femme spirituality, liberation, and autonomy in the physical and metaphysical planes. I intend for each piece to act as a portal, traversing time and space and guiding the viewer to a different emotional state or experience. While my work is birthed from a personal and individual place, these portraits, planets, creatures, and landscapes are offerings to my Black, LGBTQIA+ community; communions with, and personal reflections on, the intimacies that we share with each other, the importance of our histories & lineages, our bodies as sites and expressions of liberation, and our physical and metaphysical homes. I use craft and beauty materials and techniques to honor culture, and to adorn. The work revels in the embodied knowledges of blackness and queerness, with an understanding of our intimate relationship with apocalypse and healing.