Christa Pratt uses paint in two-and three-dimensional forms to explore ideas of mysticism and liberation as they relate to the experiences and cultures of black femmes. She uses a unique knowledge of modern paint technology and incorporates craft and beauty materials into her paint-making to create experiential black-on-black portraits, planets, creatures, and landscapes that reflect, absorb, veil, and entice. The work utilizes the erotic materiality of paint and the visual potential of the color black to describe the ability of black, queer, femme bodies, psyches, epistemologies, and emotions to subvert time, space, the body, and earthly oppression, while also addressing themes of self-actualization, mental wellness, and existentialism from a queer, black, femininely-aligned perspective. She pulls inspiration from quantum physics, astronomy, astrology, biology, and textures of the black body, and openly experiments with painting, craft, and self-decoration techniques to enhance or obscure visual information and environmental relationships within each work, creating a very personalized and pensive relationship between the viewer and their perceptions of “blackness” and “femininity”.