Christa Pratt uses paint two-and three-dimensionally to create vignettes of imaginary inhabited worlds shaped by spirituality, liberation, and autonomy through a femme, Afrofuturist lens. They utilize the visual potential of darkness and the erotic materiality of texture and paint to create experiential black-on-black portraits, planets, creatures, and landscapes that reflect, veil, and entice while both conforming to and disrupting their own expansive homes. Using a unique knowledge of modern paint technology, Pratt experimentally incorporates craft and beauty materials and techniques into their paint-making. The artist describes legacies of embodied empowerment and vulnerability through a practice of control and surrender to the materials. They pull inspiration from metaphysical psychology, sci-fi, and Queer and Womanist praxi, as well as sci-fi, astrology, geographical forms, and textures of the black body. The work celebrates the complexity of internal experiences - cognitive, emotional, sensual, genetic, and more - with an awareness of the ability of blackness and queerness to subvert earthly and oppressive systems and ideas of time and space, interpersonal connection, beauty, and value.