I use paint two-and three-dimensionally to create art objects that honor Black, Femme spirituality, liberation, and autonomy in the physical and metaphysical planes. My creative process is a prayer and a portal, where my questions and communications between this realm that I live in and the realms of ancestors of the past and future are made tangible and accessible. While my work comes from a personal and individual place, these portraits, planets, creatures, and landscapes are offerings to my fellow Black, LGBTQIA+ community; reminders of, and personal reflections on, the intimacies that we can share with each other, our histories & lineages, our bodies, and our physical and non-physical homes. I use craft and beauty materials and techniques as ways to enact and communicate culture, to undermine normalized notions of beauty and value, and to adorn. The work celebrates and revels in the disruption, connection, and embodied knowledges of blackness and queerness.