I am a visual artist living and working in Irvington, NJ. I use paint, mixed media, and clay to create art objects that honor black, queer spirituality, liberation, and autonomy in the physical and metaphysical planes. 

To me, art-making can allow us to connect to our power through dreaming and creation, and art appreciation holds the potential for interpersonal and collective connection, self-discovery and healing. While my own work is birthed from a personal and individual place, these portraits, planets, creatures, and landscapes are offerings to my Black, LGBTQIA+ community; communions with, and personal reflections on the intimacies that we share with each other, the importance of our histories & lineages, our bodies as sites and expressions of liberation, and our physical and metaphysical homes. I intend for each piece to act as a portal, traversing time and space and guiding the viewer to a different emotional state or experience. I use craft and beauty materials and techniques to honor culture and to celebrate adornment.

I was born in the Bronx with roots in South Carolina, and I studied Fine Arts Painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I was an Artist-in-Residence for the Museum of Arts & Design’s Artist Studios Program in 2017, and my work has been featured in exhibitions at Spring/Break Art Show, Arts East New York, and Sediment Arts in Richmond, VA.